Thursday, May 10, 2012

Here it goes!!

Brock and I are going to.......backpack across EUROPE for a whole month!!! We leave May 15 and get back June 19. How exciting is that!?!? probably thought I was going to share a baby announcement, sorry to disappoint. Europe is exciting enough, isn't it? (I think so). I have been keeping this secret for about 6 months and 9 days already and have been miserably counting down for our departure. Six months is a lot of days, 192 days to be exact, 4,584 hours, 275,040 minutes, 16,502,040 seconds. Yes, a very long time and I cannot wait any longer. Only 4 more days left!!!

So why are we going now? Let me back track just a little. I have been dreaming to go to Europe all my life and I just thought it would never be possible. In between moving to different places, going to school, finding a job, and getting married, going to Europe was just never in my plans. Luckily, we have graduated and don't have to move to Texas until the end of August. We have no worries of school or jobs and all we have in our hands right now is FREE TIME.

When I was in Oklahoma on my internship, Brock shared the news with me on his birthday. I was bummed that we couldn't be together on his special day and he cheered me up with this news. He had been dying to tell me and couldn't hold it any longer. He wanted to go to Europe to celebrate our 1year anniversary. How romantic, yes I know...he's my hubby :) Ever since we have been planning....well when I mean "we" I mean more like Brock has been planning all the details of our amazing trip. I am so blessed to have such a great husband that does all these really nice and meaningful things for me. I truly am a lucky girl!

The reason why we never shared the news was because we didn't want to jinx it. It was too good to be true. Also, we wanted to make sure we had enough money to go. And I know that there are so many of us who want to go but just don't have the opportunity. I didn't want to be a snob and rub it in peoples faces. So we just kept it to our selves, a marvelous secret full of magic! It just made it more fun to look forward to.

So just to give you a little sneak peak. We will be flying out of Seattle to Atlanta. From Atlanta we fly to Madrid, Spain. We will be traveling by train all across Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, and Greece. Most of the time we will be staying in hostels and I think we are camping out by the beach. I am so excited!

Don't worry, I will definitely take a lot of pictures and post them when I get back. Also, If you have gone to Europe share with me some tips and favorite places you went. It would truly help. Alright well thats it! Now I have to start packing! Thats another challenge I have to conquer, c'mon Im a girl how can I fit a wardrobe in a backpack??!?!?! Wish me luck! Au revoir! (Thats french!)


  1. What a great way to celebrate all you've accomplished! Excited for you guys! I'm sure Ashley will have lots of ideas (I did what Ashley is doing through BYU-I about 6 years ago) :) But my advice is splurge in Paris, don't miss the castles in Germany, and don't miss Florence in Italy :) Thanks for sharing your blog on FB ours is message me your email and I'll add you! Have a great trip! -Kylee {One of Brock's many cousins you met at the bowling party ;)}

    1. oh, splurging in Paris is a given! my email address is, you can add me any time :)

  2. Alex and I are so jealous. We'll go someday but in the meantime, take a million pictures for us!

  3. Yeah I am super jealous too! I also did a Europe tour like Ashley, which was awesome, but I have always wanted to go back with my husband. Italy was one of my favorites but really everything is awesome. Eat all the fresh pastries, creeps, and gelato you can get :) oh I am so excited for you guys, you will have so much fun! Can't wait to hear about it.