Thursday, September 29, 2011

Missionary Work

This is for my religion online class:

I had to read section 80 of Doctrine and covenants, and thing about missionary work.

When I read section 80 in D&C I was able to learn a few things. First of all I am horrible with my church history, so it was nice to know who Stephen Burnett is. This chapter is really neat because you start seeing the church grow and the very foundation of missionary work be established. I think that the main reason why our Heavenly father was not specific on where to send Brother Burnett was because the church was so young. There was not allot of people who knew about it and the main purpose was to get the gospel out there to anyone who wanted to listen. Nowadays the church has grown tremendously and people all over the world know about it. But in that time it just needed to get started anywhere.
            Also, I think that another reason why heavenly father asked Brother Burnett to choose wherever he wanted to go was because he wanted him to use the promptings of the Holy Ghost as an adjunct. That’s why in verse 2 he states, “I will give unto you my servant, Eden Smith.” If you look at the footnote Eden Smith is also known as the Holy Ghost. This is not only and experience for the people Burnett will be talking to but for him too. This is an experience that will help him grow stronger both in his testimony of the church and being able to listen to the spirit.
            When I have had missionary experiences with friends I have realized that in the end I am the one who gets the most out of that experience. They help me reflect in how I look and value things. I think that when you teach others to come unto Christ you are not only teaching them to come but also you at the same time are teaching yourself to grow closer unto Christ. 
            Now this being said, the best way to grow closer unto Christ in this class is by teaching others what you have learned. I think that it is a perfect way to share one another’s thoughts and feeling about the church. You are able to see the many perspectives of it through the eyes of another member of the class.