Thursday, October 27, 2011

Priesthood Power!

The priesthood is a power that governs the Lord’s church (the Relief Society is also organized under that power), and priesthood callings call one to perform specific responsibilities of service. How can having the priesthood operating on the earth today magnify your ability and works of service towards 

I really enjoyed pondering this topic of the priesthood this week. I have a strong testimony that i know this power is true. I have experienced both situation in my life where i have had the blessings of the priesthood and where i have not. Growing up i was not a member of the church. My father did not hold the power of the priesthood because he was catholic. Later, when i got baptized at the age if 10, it was only me and my mom who were members of the church. I could notice that our home was a lovely home but yet somehow there was something missing. It was weird to hear that my friends would talk about how their dads would give them a blessing the day before a new school year. I thought that it was silly because we only got blessings when we were really sick by the missionaries or the bishopric. 

However after 5 years of going to church, my dad warmed up to the idea of listening to the elders. He got baptized and was finally able to hold the priesthood power. I finally was able to feel complete in our home. He was able to have conversations with us about the gospel, also have FHE regularly, and overall more harmony in our home. My dad really stood out in our home as a strong and confident man that i was proud to look up to. 

Now that i am married to my husband, i am the happiest woman there could ever be. My husband is a strong member and priesthood holder. He is my rod of iron that i look up to each and every day. I think that the main reason why he is such a strong man is because of that Melchizedek priesthood. I believe that it turns an ordinary man in to a rock and steady foundation. It has been a weird but yet wonderful transition on being able to have a blessing done by my husband whenever i want. A blessing for school, when i am sick, when i need help to think clearer, or when i am having a bad day. I love the opportunity that it gives for me and my husband to grow stronger in the gospel and as an eternal couple. 

As a sister in the church i think it is very special the ordinances that we are blessed to do and keep in the temple. I also think that we may not hold the actual keys of the priesthood but we can bring life into earth and our children are able to have those keys, well.....our boys :) I think that the way that we can be blessed as sisters is by supporting our husbands, fathers, and children to be worthy to hold that priesthood. If they are not worthy then they cannot receive revelation from our heavenly father to bless us an others. 

I was able to share this topic with my mom and we had a wonderfull discussion. She has had a similar experience like my story and now her husband holds the priesthood as well. She is blessed in so many ways in her life. What she gets the most out of the priesthood is comfort. She has this chronic back pain that has bothered her for quite a long time now. However many medical consults she receives or the many medications that they give her, none of them seem to work as well as a priesthood blessing. I am so happy that she cn enjoy of the blessings that she receives from the power of the priesthood and that she is a firm believer. 

I love my heavenly father and i know that the reason why has put such a special power in this earth for us is to show his love for us and as a reminder that we are divine beings as well and that we are able to have the same powers that he holds. 

How has the priesthood power blessed you in your life?

I wanted to share this children's song with you, i love it! 

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